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A Large & Startling Figure

The Harry Crews Online Bibliography


Although none of them produced a screen credit, Crews has written or worked on several screenplays. In interview, Crews has discussed writing a screenplay about the life of Emit Kelly (titled "Clown"), versions of Naked in Garden Hills (for Frank Perry) and The Hawk is Dying, and screenplays for Michael Cimino (of "Heaven's Gate" fame), Sean Penn, and Sean Cunningham, whose film "The New Kids" was actually released.

New Kids, The

Produced by Sean S. Cunningham and Andrew Fogelson. Directed by Sean S. Cunningham. Screenplay and story by Stephen Gyllenhaal. 90 min., Columbia Pictures, 1984, videocassette.

"The Outsiders" (1983) meets "Deliverance" (1972).

Crews talks about the movie, its production, and his role as uncredited writer in Erik Bledsoe's "An Interview with Harry Crews": "See, I wrote a screenplay called 'The New Kids,' about a boy and girl whose daddy was a colonel, and a big hero, and they lived up north. They'd lived all over, been overseas, army brats. Their daddy was flying to Washington for the President to pin a medal on him and the plane went down and crashed, and he and the mama died. Left the two kids. One's in the eleventh grade, and one's in the twelfth grade. And the only relative they've got is an uncle, lives in Homestead, Florida, a cracker, and so they have to move down there to live with him. So, they've got to go, these two Yankee kids, into a redneck school." [Getting Naked with Harry Crews edited by Erik Bledsoe, p. 347-48.]

More information available at the Internet Movie Database.

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A Large & Startling Figure: The Harry Crews Online Bibliography
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